How Ollerton is Supporting Start-ups and Small Businesses growth


Ollerton's strategic location is one of the reasons why startups and small businesses should consider setting up an office in this town. Here's a closer look at what makes Ollerton's location so advantageous:

  • Close proximity to major cities: Ollerton is situated close to major cities like Nottingham and Sheffield, making it a prime location for businesses looking to tap into the vibrant economic opportunities in these areas. Nottingham, for example, is known for its thriving tech sector, with startups and established businesses alike working together to drive innovation and growth in the region. Sheffield, on the other hand, is a hub for manufacturing and engineering, providing ample opportunities for businesses looking to tap into these industries.
  • Transport links: Ollerton is well-connected to other towns and cities in the region, thanks to its transport links. The town is situated close to the A614 and A616, which provide easy access to other parts of Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. In addition, the nearby cities of Nottingham and Sheffield are easily accessible by train, with regular services running throughout the day.
  • Business support: Ollerton's location also means that businesses can benefit from the support provided by local authorities and organizations. For example, the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Chamber of Commerce has offices in both Nottingham and Derby, providing businesses with access to a wide range of support services, including advice, training, and networking opportunities. The Newark and Sherwood District Council also provides support to local businesses, with initiatives such as the Newark and Sherwood Business Awards and the Business Improvement District (BID) Scheme.

Affordable Rents in Ollerton and Newark

Compared to other cities in the region, Ollerton offers relatively affordable rents, making it an attractive destination for startups and small businesses. Here's a closer look at the rental costs in Ollerton:

  • Office space: The cost of renting office space in Ollerton varies depending on the size and location of the property. However, as a general rule, office space in Ollerton is significantly cheaper than in nearby cities like Nottingham and Sheffield. For example, a 1,000 sq ft office space in Nottingham city centre could cost upwards of £20,000 per year, whereas a similar-sized space in Ollerton could cost as little as £10,000 per year.
  • Retail space: Retail space in Ollerton is also relatively affordable, with prices typically ranging from £10 to £20 per sq ft per annum. This makes it an attractive destination for businesses looking to set up a shop or retail outlet in the town.
  • Industrial space: Ollerton has a thriving industrial sector, with businesses operating in a range of industries, from manufacturing and engineering to logistics and distribution. Industrial space in Ollerton is also relatively affordable, with prices typically ranging from £5 to £10 per sq ft per annum.

Thriving Business Community in Ollerton

Ollerton has a thriving business community with various networking events, workshops, and training sessions organized throughout the year. This provides ample opportunities for start-ups and small businesses to connect with like-minded people, learn from experts, and grow their network. Here's a closer look at some of the organizations and events that support Ollerton's business community:

  • The Newark Business Club: The Newark Business Club is a local business club that provides networking opportunities for businesses in Newark and the surrounding areas. The club hosts regular events, including breakfast meetings, lunchtime networking sessions, and evening social events, providing businesses with ample opportunities to connect and learn from each other.
  • The Nottinghamshire Business Expo: The Nottinghamshire Business Expo is an annual event that brings together businesses from across the region to showcase their products and services, network, and learn from experts in their field. The event features a range of keynote speakers, workshops and seminars, as well as a large exhibition area where businesses can showcase their products and services.
  • The Newark and Sherwood Business Conference: The Newark and Sherwood Business Conference is an annual event that brings together businesses from across the district to discuss key issues and opportunities in the local economy. The event features keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops on a variety of topics, providing businesses with valuable insights and networking opportunities.

In conclusion, Ollerton's strategic location, affordable rents, and thriving business community make it an attractive destination for start-ups and small businesses.

With access to major cities, excellent transport links, and a range of support services and networking opportunities, businesses in Ollerton have everything they need to succeed and grow.

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